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Advanced Access Control and Security Systems Integration Services

Access Control and Security Systems Integration Every growing business needs to think about its security and protecting not only its assets, but its staff and clientele too. If you have no control over who is entering and exiting your premises, you are leaving your business and its future vulnerable to criminal activity and loss. Many companies only realise too late that their security systems are not up to scratch and that they are exposed to threats. At Gallagher Systems, we offer our clients access control systems and other security systems integration services, where our products are guaranteed to step up security and provide for greater peace of mind.

Our advanced access control system is designed with the modern day business in mind. Chances are that you have a number of employees within the business that should only have access to certain areas and with our system you can register each employee and stipulate what sort of access they are allowed at the business premises. In addition to tracking where your staff members are at all times, you can also keep track of how many days and hours they are actually at work, which is helpful when it comes to payroll data capturing.

Our system makes use of biometrics which means that a finger print will need to be scanned in order for access to the premises to be granted. You can install a variety of our other security features in conjunction with this product for added safety such as CCTV systems linked up to armed response and even fire detection devices. All of these systems can be quite easily integrated by one of our skilled and experienced technical consultants.

At Gallagher Systems it is our aim to provide our clients with a security solution that can be trusted. We will ensure that when you invest in our products that you are shown precisely how to make the most of all of its features and functions and that you know exactly who to call should you encounter any troubleshooting problems along the way.

If you aren’t sure of exactly which products are best suited to your needs, we will visit your premises and advise you accordingly while taking the various risk factors and your available budget into account. At Gallagher Systems we present all-inclusive, customised solutions to our clients, without fail. Chat to one of our consultants about our access control and security systems integration services and benefit from increased safety and security on your premises without delay.

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