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Access Control Solutions

Alarm Monitoring Complements Access Control Solutions

Access control solutions form the basis of most modern businesses’ security solutions. Access control solutions include legacy security systems that may require a password or personal identification number to allow access, and also more modern security solutions like biometric systems, which determine authorisation based on unique human characteristics or traits. Then there is, of course, the security personnel who form the very foundation of an organisation’s security architecture.

Adding Alarm Monitoring to Existing Security Solutions

One of the many pitfalls business owners fail to take into account is monitoring. More specifically, the resources required to successfully monitor a security system. A business might have a state of the art multi-layer security system, but if there are no eyes and ears to pay attention, or if the number of available eyes and ears are already thinly spread, the value of those security solutions start deprecating.

Access control solutions combined with alarm monitoring security solutions increase vigilance. Alarm monitoring refers to a 3rd party monitoring team or institution designated to keep an eye on a predefined set off alarms on the premises. Systems that are being actively monitored are said to be “live” systems.

A live system will typically be connected to the internet, a telephone line or a device capable of sending a GSM (cellular) or radio signal. These systems often have redundancies in place to ensure that, should one of them fail or be disconnected, another can take its place to ensure active and continuous monitoring.

Once an alarm is tripped, the system alerts the remote monitoring team. A call is placed to the premises whereupon authentication and identification is required from a designated individual. Should authentication fail, or should there be no response, a rapid response team is dispatched to the premises, and the cause of the alarm investigated.

The Cost of Alarm Monitoring Systems and Access Control Solutions

In South Africa the need to bolster existing security solutions with the newest available technologies is relatively high. Crime rates are prevalent, and those bent on breaking the law seem to come up with new, innovative methods on a daily basis. The challenge to home- and business owners is designing or finding security solutions that are both effective and affordable.

Alarm monitoring systems constitute an affordable and effective addition to existing security solutions. It reduces the number of security personnel required, increases vigilance and therefore ensures that existing security solutions retain their value. This value can be determined by calculating the cost of a possible intrusion, damage to property, the loss of assets or sensitive information and ultimately the safety of on-site personnel.

Of course, the trick is to have an effective, custom system in place where all the individual elements work in concert with each other. Take a few minutes to consider your premises, items or locations of value, and resources to your disposal. Coordinating your current access control solutions with an on-site security team and backing it up with an alarm response system provides you with effective and redundant security solutions.

Access Control Solutions
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