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Advanced Access Control

The Advantages Of Advanced Access Control

Advanced access control One of the most important security precautions that any business can take is to both limit and monitor the access to the business premises. Advanced access control can prevent theft or damage to assets, as well as any potential for harm to the health of the employees, as well as assuring their safety. Advanced access control can include a variety of different components each of which works in concert to ensure that business can continue its day to day activities and maximise the productivity of its employees, while at same time making sure that those authorised visitors to the business premises can access areas where they can interface with relevant employees and enjoy highly professional levels of service.

Advanced access control encompasses the monitoring off all access points to the business premises, as well as the management of the persons entering and leaving the building. The access control relies on a number of different systems for the granting and monitoring of access, each of which is suitable for the uses and requirements of the organisation depending on a number of different variables, including the staff contingent, physical size and layout of the premises and a variety of other factors such as the availability of in house parking.

Advanced access control incorporates the types of controller mechanisms that operate doors and entrance areas, such as magnetic locks combined with smart cards or other types of access cards. These cards can allow for the encoding of information that ranges from a standard bar coded entry access with a photograph of the user to the more advanced smart cards that have chips for the storage of much more detailed information. One of the advantages of the bard coded ID cards is that they can be quickly printed for the use of visitors to the business premises at an extremely low cost.

One of the advantages of using advanced access control combined with programmed cards is that the cards can be cancelled extremely easily. With a simple keystroke lost cards can be removed from the database and cannot be used again. This functionality is extremely useful for the management of lost cards.

The advanced access control can also make use of closed circuit television cameras to track where visitors and employees are within the business premises at all times. This live tracking facility can be combined with recorded footage that remains in the database and can be accessed to provide further information on any incident. The use of CCTV monitoring can also be used for number plate recognition and recording when vehicles access on site parking.

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