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Alarm Monitoring Equipment

Alarm Monitoring Systems and Our Safety

Advanced access control In this day and age, it’s hardly possible for anyone to leave their homes or offices without giving a fleeting thought to the security of your property. Regardless of your view on the crime rate in South Africa, everyone is of the opinion that we should do as much as we can to secure our properties. Alarm monitoring equipment provides us with peace of mind knowing that we are doing what we can to increase our properties’ security.

Criminals have adapted to many of the old security measures and technologies used by property owners to keep their properties safe, which is why it’s necessary to always upgrade your security systems to the latest alarm monitoring equipment. Gallagher Systems, previous known as CardEx, offer cutting edge alarm monitoring equipment technology that is leading the way in property security today.

Cutting edge alarm monitoring with visuals pick up any disturbances around your property. Should the alarm be triggered, the system will also able to show where and what is happening. A response team will then be dispatched to stop or check and see what is happening at your property.

Cutting Edge Alarm Monitoring Equipment from Gallagher Systems

Our state-of-the-art alarm monitoring equipment integrates full intruder alarm functionality, thereby entirely eliminating the need for a separate alarm system. It is also possible to configure intruder detection zones that will be able to report four different states, namely:

  • Arm;
  • Disarm; and
  • Two other states that can be assigned by the user.

Entry and exit delays can also be user defined for each zone, providing cardholders with the time they’ll need to enter and leave after changing the state of the alarm zone.

You will be able to change the alarm zone state through:

  • Automated schedules that are set up in the Command Centre;
  • From workstations using operator overrides;
  • Via the Gallagher Remote Arming Terminals;
  • Via Gallagher readers; and
  • Through Key-Switch control.

Access zones are also easily configurable for full or partial site lockdown during emergency or threatening situations. During a site lockdown, only selected cardholders will be able to enter or exit specific zones.

We will help you secure your premises at all times. If you would like to learn more about our cutting edge alarm monitoring equipment and technology solutions, and find out how we can help secure your premise, contact Gallagher Systems today to learn more about our affordable and leading technology.

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