alarm monitoring
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Advanced Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring

IDtek Installs Advanced Alarm Monitoring Cardax FT System from Gallagher

IDtek is also a provider and installer of Gallagher alarm monitoring and intrusion detection systems. Cardax FT is a fully integrated system whereby access control, perimeter covering, building management and credential verification as well as remote alarming can be operated as a whole from a central control room.

alarm monitoring

Cardax FT systems including alarm monitoring have been installed worldwide. An example of how the alarms can be integrated with the rest of the security system running on a Microsoft platform is that of the installation at Wellington City Council in 2001.

The City Council had an ADSL line for ongoing bandwidth connectivity and various client access points. Using the existing infrastructure, the Cardax FT system could be installed to connect alarm monitoring and access control as well as live recording video. With the installation, security personnel’s lives could also be a bit easier. Zones could be monitored and with fewer false alarms, unnecessary call-outs to the premise could be avoided.

The benefit of Cardax FT is that intruder alarm monitoring and access control can run on the same platform. Through the integration, improved control is gained while costs of security can be cut.

How Does the Cardax FT Alarm Management System Work?

Monitoring of intruders on a premise is done 24/7 and with the integration of visuals with audible sounding of alerts to the security company or the internal or external security monitoring centre, any intrusion can be detected and the relevant parties notified immediately. Security guards can then be dispatched to secure the premises.

  • Arm the facility with Cardax FT remote alarming terminal
  • Intruder detection done
  • Intrusion
  • Alarm is sounded with message to control centre or security guard control
  • Response is initiated based on the alert and visuals
  • Facility is secured.

Cardax FT manufactured by Gallagher and installed by IDtek at client premises, also includes a dialler device that is attached to the Cardax controller for support of remote site monitoring and alarming of any intrusion.

With full integration with other security measures such as the access control, coded cards, and verification systems as well as perimeter security, as well as HVAC and building management, the alarm monitoring is far more effective than if used alone. With appropriate sensors, the whole building and valuable assets can be protected. When connected to the fire protection system, relevant authorities can be notified through the remote system and the risk loss of lives and assets minimized.

Alarm Monitoring
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