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Cardax Access Control

The Power of Using Cardax Access Control

Cardax access control is almost going to be a thing of the past and even though itís about to be merged with another company, it is still a well recognised and respected brand when it comes to access control. Security companies are often required to install these systems in a variety of different places and under different conditions. For that reason you will often find that each and every installation is customised and configured to suit the individual client.

When you are looking to get access control installed in your building, you most likely come across the name Cardax at some point. The actual system itself is a combination of access control measures like booms, cameras and card access points, along with a physical alarm system that is usually connected to a security response company. Ideally it is meant to deter unwanted trespassers from entering your property, but it also carries the benefit of controlling the time and attendance of your employees.

Combining Access Control with Your Existing Security

Access control is important if you want to keep intruders out and if you want to keep an eye on your employees then you have the benefit of that as well. Controlling all your entry and exit points is the only way to get a handle on things if you want to keep the wrong elements away. You can have camera systems installed if you want to keep a visual record of who goes in and out and your card readers keep record of the exact date and time that they are swiped.

If each card is correctly allocated, then you have an exact record of who has gone where in your building. Records are kept of the entry point, the exact date and time as well as the ID of the cardholder that is attached to each specific card. By combining all of that hardware into a single system and then integrating it into a fully digital software package, you give yourself full control of who gets access and you can trace all of the necessary records to prove it.

Cardax Access Control is built to Last

When it comes to access control, it is important that these systems work. You need to allow people in and out of your building under controlled conditions and when your access control goes down you have to let people through unchecked or prevent them from doing so altogether. When you choose Cardax access control it will never let you down.


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