Biometric Access Control Systems
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Biometric Access Control Systems for Corporate Security

Corporate security solutions are big business for companies that have over a thousand employees. It is important to control who goes where within the company itself and it also helps control who is allowed in and out of the buildings as well. The only people that should be allowed access to all company buildings are the employees and the managers; further than that visitors should be required to sign in and escorted to the places they are supposed to be and no further.

Biometric Access Control Systems There are several different ways for a company to secure access to their buildings, including access tags, time –logging, CCTV systems, alarms and intruder alerts and even biometric systems have been used in some cases. Unfortunately, biometric access control systems are highly under utilised by a lot of companies and it is often a case of comparing the trade-off between additional security and additional cost.

Ideal for Corporate Security Solutions

Biometrics basically work by converting a scanned image of something into a digital image that can be mapped and compared to an existing image that is stored in an employee data base somewhere. Once the images have been compared and they match up, the person trying to enter can gain access as an authorised individual. The most common bio scans include fingerprints and facial recognition, but it can be extended to include the full hand, voice recognition and even retinal scans if you are willing to go that far for your security.

Fortunately, the simpler biometric access control systems are nowhere near as expensive as they used to be and you can have a fingerprint scanner installed on the front door of your offices at low cost. The scanners can be integrated into your existing security system with ease and you can have everyone loaded onto the central control system in no time. Bigger companies will take a while longer, but once everything is in place, all you need to do is make sure that all new staff are added when they start working, and have them removed once they resign from your employment.

Biometric Access Control Systems are more than Just Security

Biometrics gives you full control of who goes where in your company and it also helps keep an eye on attendance for all your staff. You can monitor late coming and absenteeism, to help you improve the company performance as a whole, and finally you have peace of mind knowing that high priority areas are kept safe and secure in your company.

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