Corporate Security Solutions
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Corporate Security Solutions

Detailing the Pros and Cons of Biometric Corporate Security Solutions

The need for enhanced corporate security solutions in South Africa is becoming more prevalent. Individuals bent on flouting laws and committing criminal acts are becoming more resourceful. Many companies therefore choose to invest in high-tech solutions to stay one step ahead. These include biometrics and alarm monitoring.

A Case for Biometrics and Alarm Monitoring

biometricsBiometrics in a security context is the identification and authentication of physical human features and / or behavioural traits. Examples of measurable biometric features that are unique to human beings include fingerprints, voice, iris patterns, and so on. Corporate security solutions relying on these features for identification and authentication are generally more effective than legacy security systems; it might be harder to obtain a fingerprint or a voice sample than it is to obtain someone’s password, for instance.

Used in conjunction with legacy systems, personnel or authorised individuals can be vetted based on the ‘what you are, what you have and what you know’ principle. It creates a layered security system – much more secure than single item security systems such as password or PIN authentication.

In the event of unauthorised access, biometrics and alarm monitoring go hand-in-hand to bolster corporate security solutions. Alarm monitoring especially has become a boon for many businesses in recent years: it keeps an eye on all systems at once, and complements the efficacy of on-site security personnel.

Possible Biometric Pitfalls

Installing biometrics and alarm monitoring systems as corporate security solutions may serve to boost security. However it would be reckless to consider it a fail-safe solution. Hollywood has shown us that, in order to flout the security measures of an iris scanner, all that is needed is an eye. For a fingerprint scanner, you simply need a finger. In a country like South Africa where violent crime is prevalent, it is essential to ensure that corporate security solutions are considered in terms of layers, and to ensure that some of those layers contain measures that aren’t easily obtainable.

The Ideal Corporate Security Solution

Creating the ideal corporate security solution to restrict access not only depends on what access is being restricted to, but also the physical aspects of the perimeter. Suffice it to say that an ideal security solution will consist of both biometric and alarm monitoring systems, legacy security systems, as well as surveillance and the presence of security personnel. But while budgets remain limited in light of global economic turmoil, logic suggests that security solutions should be implemented in order of efficacy.

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