cardax access control
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Cardax Access Control

Safe And Secure With Cardax Access Control

One of the most important aspects of running a business in today’s high pressure environment is ensuring the safety of both employees and assets, including data that is stored on business premises. With Cardax access control securing a business premises both during office hours and after hours is simpler than ever before. Cardax access control relies on cutting edge technology and state of the art access cards to ensure that business premises are kept safe and secure.

cardax access controlWith the Cardax system the movements of both employees and visitors to the business premises can be monitored and controlled at all times. The Cardax system uses cards that can be encoded to allow access to various locations within a business premises and can be altered to allow or prohibit access within seconds.

The Cardax access control system is Microsoft Windows based, meaning that security personnel with experience in this platform can easily come to terms with the operation of this system. The integrated nature of the Cardax access control system also means that each and every company can enjoy a seamless approach to security, from access control, to alarm systems.

This central management system makes Cardax access control extremely powerful, as well as flexible with various control options depending on the number of doors that have to be controlled. There are options available to control 16, 24, 128, 256 or even an unlimited amount of doors. The recording of event data allows the business to store data on movements within the building and the versatile nature of the Cardax FT system means that it can easily interface with other legacy systems that are part of the complete access control security system within the organisation.

The newest releases of the Cardax access control and intruder alarm software means that Cardax now offers a world class alarm zone monitoring system that is fully integrated into the access control function of the Cardax access control system. This system is regularly updated with regular new software releases from Cardax, making sure that the business continues to have access to a cutting edge security system.

The ability of the Cardax access control system to provide a security and monitoring solution, as well as integrate with other security system is perhaps its greatest strength. When installing the Cardax access control system the business will be assured of the peace of mind that comes standard with the world class Cardax systems. These systems allow businesses hassle free operation and powerful functionality to allow them to concentrate on the drivers of the business such as profit.

Cardax Access Control
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