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Cardax FT

Unlimited Power And Security Control with Cardax FT

The Cardax FT security management software suite is based on the Microsoft Windows platform, ensuring that it is both robust and represents value for money. The familiarity of the Windows based interface also ensures that the training costs associated with the installation of the Cardax FT security control system are reduced. The Cardax FT security software is also modular, meaning that it is able to grow with the business.cardax ft

The modular nature of the Cardax FT system also means that the business is not locked into the purchase of a single unit which can become redundant extremely quickly. With the Cardax FT system the security solution can actually grow with the business, allowing additional modules to be added as and when necessary. The full Cardax FT security solution is a sophisticated and integrated product offering that allows the business full control over functions such as access control, zone alarm management, perimeter access and various other security related functions, such as digital imaging The system even allows for fire alarm and other emergency functionality.

The ability of Cardax FT to integrate into the company’s existing Windows NT infrastructure and utilise existing LAN/ Wan networks is another added attraction of the system. This compatibility allows It technicians to solve many of the problems that may crop up from time to time in any software based system that relies on a network for functionality. This can represent a significant saving for the enterprise. The Cardax Ft security system is also network friendly in that it uses very little bandwidth which means that the regular functioning of the network is unaffected by the installation of the Cardax system.

Cardax FT makes extensive use of badging technology for access control. The system can be configured to interact and monitor the use of various types of ID badges; however the most popular badges that are used with the Cardax Ft system are photo ID badges. These badges can also carry magnetic strips or function as smart cards, allowing the business to both monitor and store data relating to employee and visitor movements.

The monitoring of these movements and the limiting of employee movement to approved areas is essential for the productivity of the company. This monitoring also dramatically reduces the incidence of theft and the unauthorised access of databases that may contain mission critical information. By using the Cardax FT security system the activities of the employee are optimised and security and safety are assured.

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