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Choosing the Right Corporate Security Products

Corporate security is big business no matter what industry you are operating in and making sure that all your assets and company secrets are well looked after will always be a top priority for your business. Whether you are moving your business to new premises, setting up shop in a new town or operating your business from home, securing all the critical points in your company is essential to the integrity of your trade secrets.

Every business is different, and each one has different requirements that need to be secured in one way or another. If you own a store where you trade face-to-face with customers every day, your security requirement would differ quite drastically to a big corporate company that has thousands of employees. A small store might only need a double lock on the front door and linked alarm system in case anyone decides to get clever.

A big corporate company on the other hand, would need to control where their staff are allowed to go, they need systems in place to monitor when they come and go and then they also need to restrict access to certain areas for staff that need special clearance, like your payroll office or executive parking. You may also need to control who comes in and out of the premises, so that you don’t get random people wondering onto the property and being exposed to sensitive areas of the company.

CCTV And Access Control Security Solutions

Closed-Circuit Television, CCTV, is a camera system that gets posted all over the property to cover all the areas that can’t be watched by a security guard all the time. The initial capital outlay for such a system can be quite costly if you go all out, but it’s still a great way to save on costs in the long run, because the cameras can be watched by a single guard in a control room, instead of having a sentry posted at each and every place the cameras are looking at.

Access control security deals with restricting and controlling access to everyone regardless of whether they work for the company or not. It also deals with recording the access of those that do enter the company, and making sure that only authorised personnel gain access to the important areas of your company. That way you keep all visitors and non-essential staff out of the areas that they shouldn’t be in. 

Access control also helps with time keeping and attendance for your staff, because the access control systems that are put in place, keep record of everything and everyone that has passed through your front door.

Tailoring Your Corporate Security Products

Tailoring your security products depends entirely on your budget and how much security you need. Simple systems for access control only require a unique ID tag to identify who your employee is and what areas they are allowed to access, however you can extend that to use biometrics for further identification and access logging to keep record of late comers.

If you are uncertain of what security to install, spend some time thinking about what you need to secure and then discuss it with the security company to find possible solutions that fit within your budget.


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