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Corporate Access Control Solutions: Visitor Software

corporate access control solutionsCorporate access control solutions constitute a range of security features implemented at a specific site, or across multiple sites. On the one hand they can be described as barriers that allow entry onto a premises or into a secure area. On the other hand, the purpose may be to restrict access. Visitors can be a constant source of concern since, unlike employees, they are not regulated by any type of duty-bound pattern. They arrive at a premises, often with different purposes and thus creating different kinds of risk scenarios. Visitor software help keep track of visitors, facilitate their management and can help mitigate potential security threats.

At the heart of the software is a client-server model, with the server being the nucleus of the entire operation. Specialised software provide several benefits over conventional paper-based, or electronic calendar-based monitoring. The first of these is a centralised and dedicated software package that allows for the capturing of all visitor details. This negates the clumsiness of paper, and automatically shares and distributes detailed information via its digital connection in seconds. It also serves to separate the security function of the premises or company (located across multiple sites) into a manageable system ready for integration with other, dedicated security systems and protocols.

The information captured about each visitor is often more comprehensive than with standard calendar or meeting scheduling software. These include the obvious visitor details such as name, surname company and so on, and then moves to include the entry location of the visitor, at which reception desk (if more than one exists) the visitor will sign in at, the type of visitor, who they’ll be meeting, their access levels and so on.

What makes visitor software especially attractive to companies is the minimal amount of skill needed during the implementation. Only the server module and perhaps the reception visitor management client (equipped with digital camera, printers, etc.) may require special IT attention; pre-registration clients (usually located at reception desks) can usually be installed in a single-click action – they’ll receive an email with a link to the files needed for the software to run on the system in question.

Another benefit of the software is that it can ensure that individual client systems work together to manage visitors. ‘Visitor management alarms’ will sound, for instance, when a specific visitor has not yet left the premises after his or her allocated time slot. Naturally this indicates a system suitable for companies and organisations where security is of the utmost importance. Visitor identification is aided by the software’s ability to store a photo of the visitor which can be accessed if and when necessary. The capturing of a visitor’s finger prints is yet another high-end function of the software package and can be coordinated with biometric systems for increased visitor convenience, while maintaining rigid security protocols.

Corporate access control solutions that can be integrated with visitor software include biometric systems, RFID card systems, video surveillance systems, and more to ensure the safety of the organisation, its employees and its visitors.


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