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Corporate Security: Security Services offered by Gallagher Systems

When it comes to running a business there is always the concern of corporate security that must be taken into account and thoroughly considered. Security services that are provided by the likes of Gallagher Systems will ensure that your business’ premises, staff members, assets and in general, profits, are kept safe from the potential dangers of criminals and security breaches.

The following solutions are offered by Gallagher Systems that are ideal for use in the corporate environment:

  • Access control systems – these are designed to allow only certain individuals access to the building. This type of system can also monitor who gains access to certain areas and can be used to track absenteeism too. As a result you can rest assured that no unauthorised individuals are accessing your business and that your staff members are at work during the required hours so that you do not lose out on profits and productivity.
  • Intruder alarms – these are set to keep certain areas protected, especially on days when the business premises are not in use. Once activated, the system can alert the relevant authorities if access has been gained to the premises without authorisation.
  • CCTV systems – these are usually installed with alarm systems so that footage can be referred to when security breaches occur. They can also be used to verify information during disciplinary hearings and are therefore quite useful on more than just one level.
  • Integration with other systems – this is where our systems are able to link up access control tokens and cards with other equipment and onsite systems. These include the likes of fax machines, photocopiers, car parks, vending machines and so on.

As a business owner it should be your first priority to protect your company assets. This includes equipment, important documentation, company finances and so on. We at Gallagher Systems are equipped to provide you with the ultimate security solutions for the benefit of your company.

If you are looking for more ways in which to protect your corporate concern, take the time to chat to our sales consultants who can advise you on the various benefits of each of our security services. Corporate security is something that our team takes very seriously and we are always testing and improving on our range in order to offer you the very best at all times. Gallagher Systems is standing by to meet your security needs today!

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