Gallagher Credential Production
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Credential Production

Gallagher Credential Production Technology

Credential production is streamlined with the Gallagher Cardholder Enrolment Wizard. It enables the operator to go through various guided steps to find a cardholder and to update the details of the person whenever needed. It also includes the ability to print and encode the Mifare card.

With the guidance of the Wizard, credential production is easier than ever before. One can set-up the Wizard to be applied for specific users and enrolment templates can be made according to a specific site to allow for contractor, visitor or employee entrance. As many as 99 templates are supported by the Wizard.

One also sets the searching abilities for a site when configuring the Wizard. It is thus possible to create a search set-up for searching according to last name and initials or first and last names. The editing ability is configured allowing for changes in specific data fields.

Gallagher furthermore enables businesses to improve their onsite security with a credential production management tool that has been designed to create the photo identification card. It has advanced features allowing for a variety of lay-outs. One can for instance, import images as well as company logos. Security is enhanced with the ability to incorporate personal information and barcodes in the cards.

The operator can print and encode at the same time or simply encode. With the system it is possible to encode magnetic strip cards from the Gallagher Command Centre. It is another example of how information security integration can help to streamline access control management at business premises. With only one database needed, administration is significantly reduced.

Easy Creation

With features such as snap to grid, placement of the text and photos becomes easy. Once the setup for a specific lay-out has been done, it is easy to use such for the production of other lay-outs. The system works with a variety of ID card printers and clients can simply enquire about the availability of suitable printers.

Lay-out Features

Backgrounds and the text addition are more features available to the operator when it comes to the lay-out of cards. Upon retrieval the cardholder photo and employee information can be displayed or printed on the card.

The Gallagher PhotoID & Encoding interface is consistent with the rather familiar Microsoft Windows lay-out. Most users are already familiar with Microsoft Windows interfaces and as such can easily master the use of the credential production system.

Gallagher Credential Production
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