Digital Video Solutions
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Digital Video Solutions

Integrated Digital Video Solutions for Highly Functional Monitoring of Premises

IDtek is the designer, installer and support provider of Gallagher security systems. One of the benefits of using Gallagher products is the integrated approach followed to create optimal security. Such includes the usage of advanced and cost effective digital video solutions, control centre and applicable software for control.

Where are the Digital Video Solutions Used?

The Gallagher security products combine the usage of FT interfaces with advanced digital video management solutions and control where numerous DVRs and VoIP systems are used together. Should a security breach occur, the camera will immediately start recording while sending the pre event as well as post event footage also back to the FT workstation where monitoring is done.

Access Control

Although the card system is rather effective in access control, it is still possible for someone to steal or make use of another person’s access card to gain entrance into unauthorized areas. With the integration of digital video solutions with that of normal access control, it is possible check the identity of a card user that goes through specific doors. The image of a user can be compared to that on the access card or the database system. Live imaging is possible. By thus making use of the technology, loopholes in the security system can be closed for improved safety, security and control of access to and around a specific premise.

access control

Sophisticated Knowledge Management

With the Gallagher (Cardax) FT solution incorporation of digital video with intruder detection systems, information database, and access control with a full control system and adequate support, advanced security can be gained. It has an open architecture allowing for optimal scalability and customization according to client security requirements.

With the DVR interface it is possible to have a control centre as well as remote monitoring while visual records of any perimeter threats or attacks can be obtained. It is a Microsoft® Windows® based platform where from alarms and door controls to video monitoring can be used together.

A typical system includes digital video solutions, credential production, asset tracking, alarm monitoring, access control, and intruder detection. Depending on the premise, size of the area, specific security threats, and number of persons to access the premise on average, as well as the budget and any preferences of the client, the system can be configured to fit the specific premise and client requirements perfectly.

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