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Adding Employee and Visitor Management Functionality

Employee and visitor management functionality is a great way to control who goes in and out of your offices, as well as for monitoring when and where your workers go within the building itself. You may want to restrict access to a cash office to management employees only for example, and you can do that by giving each employee and ID tag of sorts.

Some of the past technologies included things like having to sign in a register, marking the time you came in, who you were visiting and why. It often happened that you would need to sign registers two or three times before you go anywhere close to where you needed to be. Now days though, you can hand your visitor a visitor’s card, ask them to speak their name into a microphone and their voice will be biometrically imprinted into the system.

access control componentsWhenever they go there, all they have to do is speak their name and they will be granted access to whatever section they are visiting. It all sounds very farfetched and in some instances unnecessary but the fact remains that it can be done and it is a great way to control who goes where in your building, allowing you to track their movements. You can pick up on late employees and you can identify which of your staff have accessed a specific area should something go wrong there.

Take a Look at the Access Control Components Available To You

There are a number of important components to an access control system that need to be installed if you want the system to work properly. The first thing you need is a system to control everything, and that gets done with a central terminal where the software is saved. You may need training for the software once it has all been installed, because there is still a fair amount of administration to be done.

You have to be able to add new users, take old ones off, and restrict access to certain employees while allowing it for others. Once you are familiar with the system, then at least you can carry on without the help of the installation company. Once you have to central computer set up, with full access to the entire system, you also need to have all the components installed around the building and you must have the tags or cards made for each employee.

Each card or tag will have a unique ID or signature that the system uses to identify who it is and whether or not they have permissible access to the area they are trying to enter. That way, canteen staff will only be allowed into the kitchen, financial and payroll officers will be allowed into the cash office and of course the executives will be the only ones that have the privilege of parking in the basement.

As long as you have all the access points covered and you keep everyone loaded onto the system, you can fully control your employees and visitors to ensure the safety and security of your company and its assets.


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