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Enhancing Your Security with IP Surveillance

We live in a world where crime is always a concern, thus everyone – from homeowners to major companies – have realised the importance of investing in surveillance equipment. These include solutions such as IP surveillance and CCTV camera systems. Our technologically advanced world can now deliver cutting edge camera surveillance systems that offer extensive and quality security solutions.

Gallagher Systems is the first step to take towards investing in top quality IP surveillance systems for your property or facility. These systems have become increasingly popular in delivering security to one’s premises against burglars, unauthorised strangers and criminals. Not only does it provide safety and security, but it is also used to keep an eye out on staff and the goings on at your premises.

The Basics of IP Surveillance Solutions

These advanced security solutions are gaining popularity among South African business owners. A digital surveillance camera is set to capture the area or scene which it then broadcast as a digital signal over a Local Area Network (LAN) line. From the LAN the signal will then be transmitted to a computer or server, depending on your system. The computer or server will manage all the information it receives and will record, display and transmit the images to where ever you need to view the digital video.

The software is a remarkable and a customised security tool that allows you to easily analyse data, or to select flagged digital images to study it. IP surveillance makes use of CCD cameras that incorporates signal processing which sends video streams over the local area network. This enables for a much greater bandwidth and IP communication. The system also provides intelligent data mining, which means that it is fully protected against image tampering.

The Benefits of Investing

If you want to invest in a cutting edge security camera system, then IP surveillance should be your first choice. The system allows its users to monitor numerous locations through one remote location whilst recording the images to hard discs and backup servers.

Here are only a few of the many different benefits you can expect from IP surveillance solutions:

  • Fully upgradable, easy to have installed and set up;
  • Multiple camera recording at the same time;
  • Zero recording decrease, and digital picture;
  • Recordings are compressed for maximum storage and be transported over a media;
  • Adjustable frame rates; and
  • Shared or remote viewing over internet or wireless connection.

If you are in the market for excellent security solutions or would like to upgrade your current surveillance system, then contact Gallagher Systems today. We have industry leading solutions for all your security needs.

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