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Integrated Security Solutions from Gallagher Systems

Gone are the days where companies and corporations use security guards to patrol the facilities’ premises during day and night. In the modern world we live in, cutting-edge security technology is used instead, such as integrated security systems.

Integrated security systems will constantly relay information to one another, in order to asses and control threats, and work out the best suitable ways in order to capture these threats. Each and every business, large and small, should have advanced methods in place to protect not only the facility, but also the company’s staff and clients against any type crime.

Gallagher Systems offers every company, corporation and facility, the opportunity to be less vulnerable to criminal activity and to be less exposed to threats, with our systems ranging from access control, to integrated security systems. Our access control systems are among the best and are suitable for any company in need of protection of business and staff. The main priority of this specific system is to only grant access to those registered on the system.

Unauthorised individuals will not be granted access, which creates a safe, secure and productive working environment. An added benefit that comes with this system, is that you will be able to keep track of your staff at all times, and also the days and hours that each person has worked.

Integrated security makes use of biometrics, which means that it works with finger print recognition. An authorised individual whose finger print has been saved on the system will be granted access to the building premises and certain areas. There are, of course, many other security features which you can have installed with this system for complete safety and security of your business. These can be CCTV surveillance systems, fire detection or armed response.

Let Gallagher Security Systems Provide You with Integrated Systems

All of the above-mentioned systems can easily be integrated by Gallagher Systems’ team of expert technicians. We, at Gallagher Systems, provide our customers with the best suitable and highly reliable security solutions for their homes, businesses and industrial facilities. Our products are uniquely designed to provide you with the best possible security, with the easiest functionality.

We will gladly discuss your exact needs with you, and help you find the most effective and suitable security method for your premises. Our seasoned experts will come to you, if needs be, and take note of all of the risk factors in your facility, which will help you with your final decision on which security system to invest in and which one will fit your budget. Contact our team of friendly experts today, for more information to a safer environment.

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