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Biometric Security Solutions from Gallagher Systems!

In South Africa there is a great requirement for enhanced security solutions in the workplace.  Crime is rife, criminals work hard at staying ahead of the security advances of the day, and they are certainly finding more resourceful ways of committing various types of crimes.  Many businesses invest large sums of money in security systems and other solutions that are not always effective in combating crime, and the only way to stay ahead of the criminal elements these days is to utilise security solutions that are very high-tech and innovative.  Biometric security systems are one of the ways to do this most effectively. 

When speaking about biometric security solutions, we are talking about high-end software that allows us to identify certain human features.  Fingerprint identification is not new any longer, and other ways of biometric identification such as voice pattern, iris pattern and other similar methods of verification are used commonly in businesses today.  Facial recognition is not main stream yet, but great developments are happening in the world of these biometric security solutions all the time.   What makes biometric systems very effective is that they belong inherently to one person and cannot easily be replicated as they are unique, and it is therefore very difficult to flout security systems to provide unlawful access to forbidden areas. 

Biometric security solutions are used in combination with legacy systems to provide high end security for companies and private individuals, and alarm monitoring combined with the use of biometrics are fast becoming a boon for business owners and security firms as it decreases the requirements of security personnel on site. 

Possible drawback of biometric security solutions is that only the authentic finger or eye can be used for the scan.  This means that in cases where criminals are particularly determined or violent it may result in serious injury, disability and even death, if the layers of security are not considered properly.  The more effective security solutions contain various layers of security, and it is essential to ensure that these layers operate together to provide a system that is not easily accessible and using measures that cannot easily be duplicated or broken.

There are various ways of creating effective security solutions for corporates, businesses and private individuals, and it essential to not only restrict access, but also provide deterrents in addition.  Ideally this would include a mixture of biometrics, physical structures, electronic monitoring and on-site personnel, but with restricted budgets this is not always possible.

If you want to find out more about our high tech security solutions for you, contact our security consultants at Gallagher Systems.  We will be happy to discuss your security needs and find you the most suitable solution for your site and your budget!

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