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Fire Detection

The Importance of Effective Fire Detection

There are very few things that pose as much danger to people, building and assets as fire does.  It is therefore essential that fire detection measures are employed in order to identify fires and to alert respondents, employees, residents or emergency service within the shortest time possible, and to ensure that the building is evacuated safety and the fire put out before any damage or casualties occur.

For residential use, we usually feel that the fitting of smoke alarms and the provision of a few strategically placed fire extinguishers are enough.  Sadly this is not always the case, and when smoke detectors are not checked and batteries replaced frequently, these may actually malfunction and fire can rage on unnoticed – until it is too late.  This is a scenario nobody wants to be part of – and when it comes to industrial plants, business premises or hospitality facilities, it is even more important to become aware of a fire very early on.  These premises tend to encourage the presence of a lot of people, and anywhere where a considerable number of people are collected is a great hazard during fire.  It is therefore vital that various fire detection measures are employed in tandem, and that they all work together to ensure that the fire is identified as quickly as possible, and that the fire is put out as soon as possible. 

An example of fire detection measures working together is where the use of a smoke detector is combined with a sprinkler system.  The moment the smoke detector senses smoke in the building, an alarm is triggered to warn the occupants of the fire.  If the smoke is sensed for another set period of time, a sprinkler system is automatically triggered.  There are various types of systems on the market and these can be used with different fire detection and fire extinguishing measures.   In most cases, these can be automated, and the necessary alarms, sprinklers and even fire extinguishers can be triggered to put out fires automatically.  These systems can also be localised to concentrate on certain high risk areas only, or to pick up certain toxins in the air before fire erupts.  It is also advisable to connect these systems to a control function that will automatically send out a message to emergency services or to the security company as soon as fire is sensed.

If you need to know more about how we can keep your premises safe from fire with the use of state-of-the-art fire detection equipment, give us a call today!

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