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5 Reasons Why Access Control is the Cornerstone of Every Building Management Strategy

Building management is one of the top concerns with property owners, tenants and managers. If you are looking for a way to increase your business premises' security, this technology remains one of the best strategies at your disposal. Multiple exterior and interior doors experience heavy traffic, and sensitive or restricted areas all contribute to increased security problems that property owners face.

An effective access control system can help you to solve many of these problems, while also minimising unauthorised entry. Let’s take a look at how access control systems can help you to protect your business and save you money at the same time.

  1. Reduced security costs due to fewer security personnel

For larger buildings, it might be costly and inefficient to have security guards monitor every sensitive point of entry. In this regard, access control security systems can easily pay for themselves in only a few years’ time, while still boosting security at your premises.

  1. Maintain both “Employee Only” and public areas at the same time

Many commercial buildings have to deal with a daily influx of traffic with employees and public visitors, such as banks, supermarkets, retail stores and office buildings. With access control systems installed, public visitors can still enter the premises, and employees can reach controlled areas with ease.

  1. Record entries and exits to the building

Businesses frequently need to keep records of who comes and goes at all hours of the day. This task is greatly simplified with the use of access control systems which are able to record personal information of people through the use of security cards.

  1. Protect sensitive areas

Access control systems can limit access to sensitive areas to accredited and cleared personnel. Assigning keyless entry cards to every person with clearance makes specific security entrances easy to maintain.

  1. Bolstering employee honesty

Breach in business security is, unfortunately, all too common these days. With access control systems, company owners do not have to constantly wonder about employees being able to gain access to unauthorised areas.

At Gallagher Systems, our access control solutions help you to send a clear message to your employees, customers and would-be criminals that you take the security of your premises seriously. Now, you have the power to manage business risk through policy enforcement, while also gaining full control over where and when your staff, visitors and vehicles can move around your site at all times. Contact us at Gallagher Systems to discuss your access control solutions today.

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