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Gallagher Command Centre

State Of The Art Gallagher Command Centre

The global economic downturn has meant that South African businesses are under constant pressure to lower margins and optimise profits in order to thrive in a much more competitive environment. This has had far reaching consequences for the strategic vision of companies. One of the factors that will influence the way a company does business is security and many companies are installing the Gallagher Command Centre in order to ensure that they enjoy the highest levels of security.

Gallagher Command CentreThe cost of a quality turnkey security system can have a significant impact on the bottom line of the company, but cutting corners can have disastrous consequences with regard to lost revenue, as well as damage or loss of costly assets, not to mention the human cost that result from criminal activity. The Gallagher Command Centre is becoming a popular component of many security solutions because of its ability to dovetail with existing security solutions as well as provide control of the many different security components.

The Gallagher Command Centre is a Microsoft Windows based system that provides a company with an advanced and comprehensive security management tool that controls many of the different security components required in today’s high risk business environment.

With the Gallagher Command Centre functions such as global access control, intruder alarms and other types of alarms, as well as perimeter and access control can be combined with the ease of use and power of voice over IP systems and full alarm management functionality.

Many companies that have existing legacy security systems are turning to the solution provided by the Gallagher Command Centre due to the fact that it has an extremely versatile feature set which can be installed in a modular fashion, integrating both new state of the art security solutions with existing security components. This modular approach can save the organisation significant amounts of money, both in the short and medium term and in the long term when further security functionality becomes necessary.

The Gallagher Command Centre also allows for the storage of event data and the sharing of information with other systems such as card readers. The system also makes hands off remote alarm management a reality and includes the ability to notify external security response teams, such as armed response units extremely effective.

The integration of the these various systems means that the Gallagher Command Centre provides businesses with a security system that is not only excellent value for money but that can also provides apparelled ease of use through the Windows driven interface.

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