High Security Solutions
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High Security Solutions

High Security Solutions Suitable for Government and Military Application

Gallagher is renowned for innovative and cutting edge technology solutions for security and risk management. The company has developed a reputation for excellence as a leader in the provision of high security solutions.

High Security SolutionsGallagher has not become a leader in high security solutions for nothing. The company is driven by a passion for innovative solutions that can be integrated with other components of security. This allows for scalability of the systems provided.

The Gallagher Command Centre is one of the most advanced systems used as part of high security solutions used by corporations today. It is a powerful platform allowing for integration of access control systems as well as intrusion detection and alarming tools, in addition to perimeter monitoring and security control. It features an easy to use interface and is scalable enough to be used in small, medium and large companies.

Companies save on the costs of monitoring, control and security provision because of the integration abilities. Systems that can be integrated include that of:

With an open architecture, the system can be expanded and customized to suit the particular security and monitoring requirements of the client. The high security solution incorporates data encryption technology, making it possible to use the system for security in government organizations as well science orientated companies where data protection is vital.

Since the system can be integrated with SAP® and ORACLE® based systems, it can be used more widely than would otherwise be possible. Because of the integration capacity, it can be used with building management systems, HVAC and occupational safety systems for improved safety of visitors and employees at a premise. It thus also contributes to energy savings and thus cost effective building management.

Perimeter Monitoring and Security

Not only the building security, but also the perimeter security can be managed more effectively from the Command Centre integrated with the Gallagher perimeter fences. Gallagher systems are used in military set-ups, at large multi-national corporations and even at small to medium sized business premises in addition to storage facilities and prisons.

The perimeter protection solutions incorporate technology such as:

  • Sensors
  • Fibre-optic cables
  • Taut wire

Gallagher has partnered with Microsoft® to ensure user-friendly, scalable and familiar interfaces. The innovative products of Gallagher are unrivalled when it comes to high security solutions suitable for usage in government, military and prison set-ups.

High Security Solutions
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