information security integration
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Information Security Integration

Information Security Integration with the Cardax FT Solution

The Cardax FT V5.20 released in April 2010 is one of the most advanced solutions for complete information security integration. It combines various sophisticated technologies to ensure optimal control and functionality by the end-user.

Information Security IntegrationThe Cardax FT system allows for biometric security integration on a new level. The system supports fingerprint verification by means of integrating with the SAGEM biometric reader. One of the benefits offered by the system is that of enhanced privacy. Instead of storing the fingerprint data on the template to the database, the template information can be stored on the card reader. It allows for the authentication of a fingerprint, PIN and card.

The advantages of the information security integration are numerous. For one, the user’s name can be displayed on the reader when the user data is successfully accessed. It furthermore also includes a card only access selection that can be used when a person’s fingerprints are not readable because of damage or doesn’t want to use fingerprint recognition for privacy reasons.

Easy System Configuration

The information security integration is enhanced with a configuration wizard to help with quicker set-up. Installation costs have been reduced significantly because of the wizard that streamlines the configuration process. One can also save a wizard template and use it at various sites. This makes it possible for an installation company to save the configuration as template and then to simply replicate such at various points.

Perimeter Control and Information

The system includes components that can be configured on the site plan including the display of fences, override buttons and alarm zones. The system also includes touch screen support and enhanced login without having to retype a password. Once an operator removes the card, the system can automatically log off the operator.

The system supports a wide range of applications including ASCII Text Interface and Senstar Stellar. It is a flexible solution for complete integration and is also exceptionally user friendly. The system can be integrated with site management including that of ERP systems as well as monitoring such as the CCTV systems in place. It is a Microsoft® Windows® platform system ensuring that most end-users will be able to operate it effectively. Real time data collection and storage can be done.

Complete monitoring of the whereabouts of employees and visitors can be done and an audit trail of occurrences can be provided in report form. With the latest version, electronic access can also form part of complete information security integration.

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