information security integration
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Information Security Integration

Information Security Integration for Improved Control at Company Premises

IDtek offers clients a range of advanced information security integration solutions from the Cardax FT, now Gallagher product stable. With extensive experience and superior quality products integrating a system knowledge management with a range of access control, asset tracking, building management, intrusion detection, and alarm monitoring solutions we are able to ensure optimal security for the client.

information security intergrationMaximum Protection of Assets

Information security integration is essential to ensure maximum protection of company information, assets and the safety of personnel. The systems offered include for instance, complete visitor management solutions, credential production, as well as employee management functionality.

Versatile Application

The information security integration solution from Gallagher can be used in standalone systems or can be deployed with completely integrated architecture for improved control and streamlining of the security function.

Movement Control

Starting with access control and employee as well as visitor movement control at a business premise with encoded access cards, any movement in the various parts of a building can be controlled by means of almost immediate allowance or decline of access and the updating of user profiles for such.

Microsoft Platform

With a Microsoft Windows based integration platform, security personnel, already used to the Microsoft interface can easily learn how to operate and control the system. It also means, easy upgrading to the latest edition as well as scalability. From alarms to credential verification and access to information and areas can be controlled from a single control room.

Central Management

With a central control room approach, the security can be improved tremendously. In addition, the solution is flexible enough for changes according to the number of doors to be accessed, the resources to be monitored and people who can enter specific areas. With an intruder alarm software application also added, zone monitoring has become easier. The system also has periodical updates.

Versatile Operation

With exceptional versatility, the system can work with other security systems for improved management throughout the whole company. Zone monitoring is possible with the new alarms system and with regular updates available; it is possible to stay ahead of the game with the best technology. Streamlined operation of monitoring and control radically reduces the reliance on additional manpower for security purposes, helps to improve productivity, and to secure premises better than ever before.

With such information security integration solutions now available from the leading provider of security systems and installation at airports, manufacturing plants, schools, corporate office parks, residential estates, and research labs, companies throughout South Africa have the opportunity to streamline security enormously.

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