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Advantages of Installing Access Control & Security System Solutions

Your safety is very important to you, and so also is the safety of employees and family.  In order to create a safe work environment and to control the movements on your work site, it is essential to have some form of control. It is not always practical to have registers to sign at every entry and exit point, however, and the staff it takes to manage these points cost money.  It is much better to find a solution that is more cost effective and can operate automatically.  That is where access control & security system solutions come in. 

You simply have to find a way to ensure safety and control on your site to avoid crime, injury, death and lawsuits.  Access control can be done in various ways and will usually require some form of coded access card that triggers a signal when it passes a particular point.  The carrier of the card is then identified and given access (or not) according to the relevant access level clearance.  Fingerprint identification is becoming increasingly popular as it prevents unauthorised access with stolen access cards.

Security systems can be effective as a standalone and normally include security cameras, alarm systems and security lighting.  It also includes other nifty gadgets such as motion detectors and infrared beams to deter criminals. 

Advantages of Automated Access Control

Access control is about more than just preventing unwanted entry or controlling access to certain locations.  It is also about managing the amount of people in particular area and can be used effectively for timekeeping records, attendance recording as well as muster reporting.  In the most cases automated or electronic systems are used.  Advantages to having automated access control include:

  • Eliminating the human error element – automatic systems are much less likely to make mistakes.  It also doesn’t take bathroom breaks or fall asleep on the job.
  • Save money!  You don’t need a rotation of security guards or other staff to manage entry points as all of this is done electronically
  • Accurate movement tracking – often this comes in handy during disciplinary hearings or incident investigations as it gives an accurate picture of the movements of the relevant parties through entry and exit points.

Combining Access Control & Security Systems

Of course the whole system will function better if used in combination with security systems.  Not only do you then have access control, but you will also have the ability to use cameras to identify persons and record footage of incidents.  When required, alarms systems are activated that can bring trained security personnel to the site instantly and save lives or prevent crime. 

If you want to find the most effective access control & security system solutions for your site, you can count on the experts at Gallagher systems.  Our experienced security professionals will visit your site and make recommendations that suit both your site and your budget.  Contact us today for expert advice and a security package that fits perfectly.

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