Intrusion detection
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What is The Gallagher Intrusion Detection System?

Everybody wants to feel that they are safe and that their assets are well protected both at home and at work.  A very good way of ensuring safety and security is through the installation of an effective alarm system.  The Gallagher intrusion detection system will alert you and your security company of any attempts at intrusion or breach of a perimeter and protect you from harm. 

Intrusion detection is typically described as the detection of external actions that attempt to endanger the safety of a resource.  More to the point, intrusion detection focuses on the identification of attempts of external bodies or individuals to disrupt or override existing safety measures.  There are various types of intrusion detection, and these range from exterior or perimeter intrusion detection that will set off alarms the minute a fence or yard perimeter is entered, to the interior intrusion detection that deals with the unlawful opening of doors or windows, and unscheduled movement within rooms.

Advantages of the Gallagher intrusion detection system

  • If perimeter intrusion detection is used, any attempts at breaching the perimeter will be noticed the moment it happens.  Response is immediately triggered and response can be affected before any severe damage or injury occurs.  Early warning also allows for persons to find safety inside the home or office and to lock relevant doors before a breach of the interior can take place.  The alarm can also act as a deterrent and can scare intruders away before any damage is done.
  • Interior intrusion detection will cause an alarm to be sounded the moment unexpected activity takes place inside the building.  The alarm is sounded the moment sensors pick up movement inside a room after the system has been armed.  The sound of the alarm can also serve as a deterrence and force intruders to flee before the response company or police arrive.
  • Traditionally the greatest challenge that faced users of intrusion detection systems was the combination and integration of different types of security products.  Major innovations in safety and detection technology now enable a full integration between access control, monitoring, detection, recording and alarming.  The combination of the various aspects of safety technology optimises the effectiveness of the system, and allows for easy management, activation and de-activation.
  • It is now possible to install a complete security solution for off-site scenarios with intrusion detection.  Once the perimeter is breached, a message is sent to central control point, and relevant action will take place as a result.
There are many reasons to install a Gallagher intrusion detection system.  If you need more information about how to make your environment safe and secure, contact us.  Our helpful safety and security experts will only be too happy to assist!

Intrusion detection
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