Intrusion Detection
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Intrusion Detection

Integrated Intrusion Detection and Perimeter Control for Increased Security

Early intrusion detection and alarming can make the difference between severe financial loss and catching of the perpetrators before large scale damage is done. Gallagher, formerly Cardax, security solutions for business premises include a range of integrated solutions for more effectiveness.

With the Cardax FT (Gallagher) intrusion detection system, notification of intrusion is immediate. Once detection is done, the monitoring centre is immediately contacted whereupon security guards are dispatched to the premise for immediate re-securing of such 24/7.

intrusion detectionTypical Steps Involved With Intrusion Detection:

  • Premise is fitted with the Cardax FT (Gallagher) Remote Arm Terminal.
  • An intrusion takes place.
  • The system detects intrusion.
  • Message is forwarded to monitoring control.
  • Appropriate response such as dispatching of security guards.
  • Premise is secured.

Off-Site Monitoring Is Possible

With the advanced Cardax FT, it is possible to have complete remote monitoring where alarms are triggered upon an intrusion attack. Once detected information regarding such is immediately forwarded to the relevant monitoring station. The Cardax FT Dialler is connected to a controller device that handles the Contact ID transmission.

Full Integration of Various Security Products

One of the biggest problems regarding intrusion detection in the past was how to integrate the various security products for optimal functioning and security. With advances in digital technology it is now possible to integrate from access control to monitoring, detection, alarming and recording.

Perimeter Defence

With the PowerFence Trophy FT security for optimal perimeter monitoring and protection integrated with the command centre, central control and monitoring is possible. Alarms on the perimeter immediately notify the control operator when intrusions are detected. If a person attempts to breach the perimeter fence, alarms are sounded and the event is recorded through the application of the Cardax FT. If employees have been issued with access safety cards such as the FT cards, specific gates can be opened and where required fence pulses can be turned off.

With the integration of the various systems, advanced security can be gained while a single user interface that allows for more control. Not only can early intrusion detection be done more effectively, but monitoring can be done at a cost effective rate. With such, remote monitoring can also be done to ensure proper security 24/7 on the given premises.

Because of the integration, deterrence against break-in and intrusion detection can be obtained. Improved security also enhances the company’s image and standing in the community. Important physical assets and intellectual properties are protected and the company thus minimizes the risk of financial or life losses.

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Intrusion Detection
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