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Keep Your Business Safe with Our Corporate Security Solutions

Keep Your Business Safe Today and Everyday with Our Corporate Security Solutions

Protecting the best interests of your business and its personnel is quite a task in this day and age. Many companies suffer a loss due to theft, unsolicited access to premises and even negligence. While criminal activity seems to be constantly increasing, it is our duty to ensure that you are presented with a range of safety and security systems that will safeguard you from becoming a victim and suffering a loss. You can keep your business safe with our corporate security solutions and benefit from the functionality and ease of use that each of our packages offer.

At Gallagher Systems we are dedicated to presenting the market with not only state of the art systems, but also affordable systems. With our products you can expect to be able to manage access control, intruder detection, visitor control and even digital video recording. When acquiring our services you can expect for us to professionally assist you with implementation of advanced access control systems, monitoring of your alarm system, tracking of assets, credential production, management of both employees and visitors entering the premises and information security integration.

Our products are proudly supplied by IDtek which is a leading supplier of security systems and features in the country. The products that we stock at Gallagher Systems are all designed with the ultimate protection in mind and when selecting one of our products, you can expect for our technical team to handle the installation professionally for you and ensure that you and your staff members are shown how to access and make full use of all the features and functions that are offered by the system.

We have various specialised industry solutions available and the details of these packages can be found on our website. Of course our consultants are also always available to discuss your needs and requirements with you and ensure that you are advised on which products and solutions would be best suited to your specific needs. If you have a budget in mind, let us know and we will do our best to work according to that budget, for your convenience.

Keep your business safe with our corporate security solutions and simply never look back. You are bound to find our packages to include absolutely everything you need and we are always just a phone call away if you require further information and advice. Turn to us at Gallagher Systems without any further delay.


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