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The Cover-all of Surety: Security Cameras for Corporate Buildings

In the effective design of any security program for an organisation with one or multiple sites, three types of security have to be considered: the outer perimeter, the inner perimeter and the interior. Security cameras for corporate buildings have proven to be an effective addition in all three types. Constant surveillance over a specific area ensures that monitoring remains uninterrupted and can help to both apprehend and deter would-be trespassers.

The Outer Perimeter

The outer perimeter of a premises refers to its physical boundaries. It might be a wall or a barbed wire fence, watched over by a security guard. Penetration of the outer perimeter is the first step required by unwanted elements, and usually indicates a measure of success in their operation; if they’re on the site, they can act like they belong. Cameras covering the perimeter give security personnel a bird’s-eye-view of the outer perimeter. Even if criminals are able to penetrate the perimeter, they can be observed and apprehended.

The Inner Perimeter

The inner perimeter is the space between the outer perimeter and buildings. In many cases installed cameras can be adjusted to watch both the inner and outer perimeter at the same time. Only in instances where the premises is extremely large (where the space between the inner and outer perimeters is substantial) will different installations be necessary.

The Interior

The interior of the building is most often the target of criminals, since this is where valuable items and information is stored. It is therefore also one of the most important areas to monitor. Security cameras are often employed in the interior in conjunction with other barriers that provide access control functionality. These include card readers or biometric scanners.

The Complete Package

Despite all the sales talk often involved in the selling of equipment, common logic suggests that a security system is only as good as the vigilance of on-site personnel. Human error can, therefore, also play a role in the admission of a criminal or group of criminals onto a premises and into the interior. Advances in technology has ensure that software packages exist which can supplement the function rendered by security personnel. Among the numerous features these packages offer, automatic activation, facial recognition and automatic alarm triggering often prove among the most valuable. But it is also up to the organisation to ensure tabs are kept on all individuals entering, leaving and remaining on site to identify those who do not belong.

Security cameras for corporate buildings have become an invaluable ingredient in any security program. Combined with other forms of corporate security, they’ll ensure that the property and its personnel remain safer than ever before.

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