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Security Solutions for a Financial Institution

Financial institutions often require highly advanced security solutions for their premises as they work with money on a daily basis and they are required by law to keep it secure. Whenever you visit one of their buildings, you often find additional security all over the place and it’s all so that the people transacting with the financial institution can feel a bit safer about their money. Not only does it promote consumer confidence in their products and services, but it also aids in deterring any possible deviants from trying anything they shouldn’t be.

Security solutions for a financial institution will often be two-fold in terms of what they cover. You have the physical layer which covers the premises and the surrounding area, and then you have a kind of virtual layer that is meant to protect the actual data and information that the financial institution has to deal with as well. The one forms part of the building security, while the other forms a part of the IT division and requires a completely different type of skill set to handle it.

Securing the Premises of a Building or Store

If you walk into a bank situated in a mall or office complex, the first thing you notice is the additional security measures that have been put in place. You notice cameras on the walls and ceilings, additional security guards to keep an eye out for anything suspicious and you will often find some form of access control somewhere on the premises. All of these systems need to be integrated into a single place where it can be controlled and monitored.

A good security company understands the need for centralised control of your security and they also understand how and why each component needs to be used. The back office of a bank is usually kept away from customers and clients for security reasons, and that’s where you normally find an increase in security. The security company you choose should understand how to secure these critical points and they must be able to recommend specific installations at each point.

In most instances you will have access control measures put in place at those points, usually in the form of card swiping panels or key-coded locks where the combination or password is only given to those with the appropriate access.

The Importance of Security Solutions for a Financial Institution

Dealing with other people’s money requires a lot of care and concern because you need the trust of your customers if you are going to stay in business. Nobody really wants to make use of a bank where their money can be stolen easily, and on top of all that the banks themselves don’t want to be caught out because they haven’t taken the necessary precautions.

Financial institutions are also required by law to secure their premises correctly as it has an impact on their own risk profiles as well as for insurance purposes. Even when they do take the necessary precautions for it, there is no telling what could happen and at least if they have taken the necessary steps they can still be covered by another financial institution for the mishap.

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