Card Production
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Command Centre

Card Production and Enrolment

Cardax FT PhotoID 

Cardax FT PhotoID is an optional licensed feature available for Cardax FT Command Centre. It provides the ability to design and produce photo identification cards for cardholders, with an extensive range of options for formatting card layouts. The Cardax FT PhotoID feature also enables users to encode only, or to print and encode in the same operation. It provides the capability to encode Magnetic stripe and Mifare technology cards from within Cardax FT Command Centre.

Cardax FT Enrolment Wizard 

Cardax FT Cardholder Enrolment Wizard facilitates a routine process to minimise time for cardholder enrolment. It allows an operator to cycle repeatedly through searching for a cardholder, updating cardholder details (if required), and then optionally printing and encoding a magstripe card.

When used in conjunction with PhotoID, it provides a single solution for all cardholder enrolment needs.

Cardax Encoder III 

Cardax Encoder III is a user friendly software package that allows the on-site encoding of Cardax proximity cards and transponders, and Cardax Smartcards.

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