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IDtek specialises in the provision of Gallagher (formerly Cardax) security products to enhance the safety and security of buildings, assets, and persons of companies. We provide integrated solutions to ensure full control and improved functionality of the security products.

To ensure that you are always afforded with the leading, most innovative security technology available, IDtek offers you Cardax FT. This sophisticated security knowledge management solution allows for hardware integration in access control, intruder detection, digital video recording, and visitor management in addition to database and operating system support.

If you require the optimum security solution tailored to you or your company’s specific needs, the synergistic technologies of Cardax FT can afford you with an open architecture design standard which can include:

  • Advanced access control
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Digital video
  • Intrusion detection
  • Asset tracking
  • Information security integration
  • Credential production
  • Employee and visitor management functionality

Moreover, Cardax FT offers additional individual application modules as standalone systems that can be deployed in combination, thus delivering a distinct, flawless integrated solution.

Should you require further information from us on what Cardax FT can offer you, feel free to contact us and speak to one of our specialised consultants directly

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Gallagher Security Products


Airport Security Solution

Airport Security Solution

Given the volatile international environment, security at airports
is critical, with access control
being a key factor.
Click Here for case study (.pdf)

Critical Infrastructure

Credential production

Operating under strict regulatory requirements, criticial
infrastructure sites are
constantly faced with the
challenge of mitigating safety
risks to employees and the
public alike.
Click Here for case study (.pdf)

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