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Command Centre

Interfacing - Facilities and Building Management

Cardax FT Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Cardax FT Server and Controller Application Programming Interfaces extend the functionality and flexibility of Cardax FT as the platform for integration.

Cardax FT Server Application Interfaces

XML Import / Export Interface 
Cardax FT uses standard software functionality known as XML Interface to import and export data between Cardax FT and external sources.

Cardax FT Cardholder Import / Export and Cardax FT Schedule Import provide means of transferring the data between existing systems and Cardax FT, via a common format. These XML Interfaces have been developed to allow third parties to dynamically update information in existing Cardholder database or schedules.

OPC Data API - Status and Overrides 
Cardax FT Command Centre allows Status and Overrides to be shared with third party systems by way of API, based on the industry standard OPC (OLE for Process Control) data protocol.

OPC Alarms and Events API 
Cardax FT Command Centre is an 'OPC Alarms and Events' server, supporting the OPC Alarms and Events standard. The OPC Alarms and Events API allows external systems (AE Client) to acknowledge alarms and add comments with acknowledging them.

Cardax FT Controller Application Interfaces

Cardax FT Controller API 
The Cardax FT Controller API allows Controller based events and alarms to be sent to and received from third party systems such as DVR, duress, building management, external alarm, fire alarm, licence plate recognition and biometric recognition systems.


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