Visitor Management
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Command Centre

Visitor Management

Cardax FT provides full Visitor Management functionality, delivering extensive visitor pre-registration and Receptionist visitor management, all seamlessly integrated with Cardax FT Command Centre.

Managing the access of temporary visitors has historically been a time consuming, costly and error-prone process, potentially compromising site security.  In many log-book based visitor management systems, receptionists receiving a sudden influx of visitors can be overloaded and miss vital steps in the process, or visitors overdue to leave a site may go unnoticed.  More recently, many computer based visitor management systems have automated most visitor management tasks, but fail to fully integrate with a site’s existing security management system, leaving potential security gaps. 

The Cardax FT Command Centre Visitor Management module delivers the next generation of visitor management functionality, providing a highly configurable, secure, and easy to use solution to a site’s visitor management needs. It employs a client-server architecture for Cardax FT, allowing the Cardax FT Server to communicate with visitor management ‘smart’clients via network services over TCP/ IP. Advantages of a network services based architecture are:

  • improved client-server connectivity on modern corporate IT networks
  • easier connectivity through corporate firewalls
  • single click client deployment – installers do not have to visit each machine to load the application; an email can be sent to users with a ‘one click’ URL to install the application
  • automatic client updates – no need to visit the machine to update the client application.

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